America is facing a major crisis and threat to its position as a world leader.  Unfortunately, most of our political leaders are paying more attention to their own agendas that the needs of the American public.  If you haven’t noticed, America is loosing its children by the day.  We are loosing them to drugs, jail, and plain old-fashion immorality.  I could go into a long tyraid on the ills of our children, but I think we all unerstand that our children are in trouble.  If you disagree, let me know and I will blog a tyraid later.

With that being said, we nee to first look at the institution of church and the responsibility of our parents.  Without any doubt in my mind, this church is, by far, the biggest contributor (or non-contributor) to the issues surrounding our children.  Ultimately, the responsibility lies with parents; but we depend on the church to provide us with a moral compass.  Let’s just go down the laundry list of what is going on… You have priest having sex with minors; and grown men lining up to have sex with kids (boys and girls).  While all of this is going on, the church stands by and does nothing to stop or prevent these things from happening.  When is the church going to look at its members and confront the demons that are sitting with us in the pews?

This leads us to the parents… Again, the responsibility mainly belongs to them.  Nonetheless, when bad things happen to kids, they become adults and parents and, in many cases, repeat the cycle of abusing others.  Even when parents are not abusing their kids, we live in such a “microwave” society that parents are leaving video games and TVs to raise the kids.  I’m not the first one to say this, but I will be one of the ones to stand up against it.  Some where along the way, we have ot to stop traumatizing and neglecting each other and start spending quality time with each other!

The church is the key ingredient to this whole thing.  The place where we should be able to find the body of Christ must begin acting like it.  No more should we just things in the closet and not discuss them.  Those are the vary issues that jump up and bite us in the butt later.  The church must lead the effort in dealing with traumatic issues.  This will lead to true healing.  Teaching parents on how to be parents and teaching the community on how to play a supportive role in the raising of our children is the key to our future prosperity.

Having dealt with the church and parents, now we have to discuss the politicians and lawmakers.  It doesn’t matter what branch of government we are talking about.  They are all failing us and our children.  This is the 21st century, people, and there are still schools that are trying to teach with out having books!  What sense does that make?  How are you going to have a “No Child Left Behind” policiy that allows schools to regularly move kids out (for the sake of having successful numbers) just to move them to another school?  In fact, let us not deal with kids with behavior problems, just kickthem out or medicate them!  Yep, that will solve the problem… give me a break!

When you look at the whole picture, we are lossing our competitive edge in the world because we are not developing our youth to be strong, educated thinkers.  We are teaching them to be lazy and mindless!

Noww look people, we have got to pull together and make some real changes if we are going to survive in the new global economy.  And, the change will have to start with churches, families and our children.  We eed to get organized so we can kick our politicians in the butt for some real change and save our children.

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