#Entrepren­eurs here is what we know. The Internet helps to level the playing field. Large corporate entities have forgotten who they serve. That is good news for the entreprene­ur – the small business owners. We must take advantage of their mistakes. It is time to move our money and build relationsh­ips with people who are more like us – other small business owners. Why not bank with the small regional bank that will know us by first name? The reality is that there is a life cycle to every business. This situation with the large corporate banks is a prime example of this fact. No longer are these banks being run by the founders. Their managers have lost sight of the passion that it took to get them there. This is what happens when a business begins to pass away. So, it is time for the new generation of banks to take their place. Remember fellow entreprene­urs of the world, embody what you believe and do business with those that share your principles­!

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