Although the election is being covered in every corner of the news universe, very little attention has been given to the real power of the Obama Campaign. It is very simple. His Internet strategy has been key to his fund-raising, registering new voters, educating voters, and building an overall grassroots organization. Some of the news networks have mentioned it, but no one has really taken the time to really understand this new tactic. Here is a brief break down this campaign strategy.

1. Web Fund-Raising. Obama’s web site allowed ordinary people to get involved with the fund-raising efforts in a simple but effective manor. As a register member of his web site, everyone had the ability to create their own Obama for President web site, raise money, and track their own progress. This empowers the ordinary American.

2. Information. The site lays out Obama’s Agenda and gives you a place to get the real information about what Obama is proposing. One of the problems of listening to the media is that the information can be contradicting. To combat this, you can read the Obama Agenda for yourself on his web site.

3. Social Networking. Obama is the first candidate to use a social networking platform that allows users to leave messages on web sites, answer polls, and benefit from an interactive campaign.

Ultimately, you can be personally engaged with the Obama site. No one has done this before. Unfortunately for McCain, he didn’t catch on until after he accepted the nomination. At that point, he was well behind the ball. This has been a huge strength for Obama. In fact, the Obama web-based, grassroots machine is what helped him defeat Hilliary. This has shown Obama to be an effective leader.

No matter who you vote for, you can only respect and admire Obama for the organization he has built and the way he has run his campaign.

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