As we struggle through these rough financial times, I have been considering the various angles on the Financial Bailout. I have also been carefully watching the political arena (like everyone else in the world); and I have come to some conclusions. There is no right or wrong here. There is left or right, Democrat or Republican, bailout or no bailout, help for those who don’t deserve it or help for the corporate giants. Basically, is the glass half-empty or half-full? You decide. The problem with it all is that those of us in the middle will be stuck with the bag no matter how you cut it. So, let’s talk about drinking from the glass versus debating over the contents…

Here is my plan (take it or leave it). The government should require all industries that are given bailout money to give all their customers a freeze on their debt for at least three months. At the same time, those clients that are having trouble with their debts should be able to reorganize their debts (the latter part is currently in the bailout plan). This gives everyone a benefit instead of rewarding the unworthy. Let’s take a look at the message our government is sending to everyone. Hey, if the whole industry tanks, we will save you. One thing, we will only save certain companies and not everyone. Another thing, if you are not going to pay your mortgage, now is a good time to forget your payment because the government and banks are going to save you. By the way, if you fall behind on your mortgage next year when the crisis has past, you are sh#$%!T out of look.

Last time I checked the government was supposed to be for ALL, not just a few. Revolutions were started because of bad politics like this. At some point, someone has to get real about helping those of us in the middle. The bottomline is this… When you were younger, your teachers would tell you to “not bring candy to class if you didn’t have enough for everyone”. Obviously, no one explained that simple point to Congress.

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter whether the glass is half-empty or half-full. I’m sure that we will all have to drink from that same nasty glass (wipe the top before you pass it to me).

If you have any passion, forward this to all you know and to your Congressperson. The relief should be for everyone, but it should come from industry (banks, car makers, and let us not forget the oil companies). They’re the ones that are raping us!

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