Recently, I listened to a Internet Radio Show on on the topic of dating and marriage. It seems to me that there are a great deal of people who question the need for marriage as an institution. It has been brought to my attention by some of my single friends that they don’t feel a need to get married and don’t understand why it is necessary. It was even said to me that there is nothing in a marriage that cannot be handle through a contract and/or Power of Attorney. Hmmmm… This got me thinking. Here is my response. Please don’t be offended if you fit this scenario, but be sure to consider this… You are playing house if you live with your significant other but not willing to get married. You are doing all of the things that have been reserved for married people. You just don’t want to take on the hard part – that being “TRUE COMMITMENT.” Some of you may think you know what commitment is, but you don’t. If you can walk away from a relationship by gather your belongings and heading out the door, than you are not committed. The question should be, “why not get married?” versus “why should you?” Even if you think you can be 100% committed without saying “I Do”, you will always have a single person mentality until you do. Try this for a while… Go buy you and your significant other a pair of rings. Wear them. Tell everyone you know that you are married. Talk about that person when you are around other people. Take your significant other with you when you go out. Stop hanging around other single people. Start hanging around other married people. Buy a dog. When you start doing some of these things, than you can say you are 100% committed. If you can do these things, than you might as well say “I do.” Now, I say we call a spade, a spade. You don’t want to get married because you are afraid of what that really means. That is probably what you really mean. For those of you who want to play House, you just don’t want to buy the place. I understand. But do me a favor, don’t question the validity of marriage. Either man/woman up, or move out. Click Here to hear the Radio Program that is being referenced.

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