I’m beginning to think that there is a practical purpose for being self-centered. It allows a person to be total void and clueless about the evil that exists in the world. Now I understand why, we the people of this plant, are going down hill. If I can focus in on myself, I won’t be disappointed about everything else around me. Having knowledge (of what goes in my community) implicates the responsible and takes away the excuses of the irrespnsible. So… People avoid the community mentality so they don’t have to be responsible what is wrong in the world. If that is your way of thinking, why don’t you just stop loving people? There is too much risk in love. Go ahead, crawl into your little hole somewhere… Life requires too much from you. Here is an idea for you. Stand up. Take what is good in you and share it with someone else. Get out of your hole and help someone other than yourself. You will find that the world is a better place because you made it so. Who are you?

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