To Fathers that ARE Fathers,

There is such a joy in being a father.  Everyday I am faced with the children that I helped bring into this world and I’m reminded that they are reflection of me.  All my rights and wrongs are magnified in my children.  Consequently, I work everyday to show my children what it means to be a great (not good) father, son, husband, and man.  Just as my children are a reflection of me, I too must be a shining reflection of my father and his father before him.  Unfortunately, every man does not have a shining example of manhood in their family.  Nonetheless, we all have Jesus as that standard.  Manhood is based on principles that are timeless and eternal.  So, we all have the opportunity to learn from that.  Practice the principles.  Lead by the principles.  It doesn’t mean that we are not going to fall short every now and again.  But, being a father is about leading by example and giving 100% effort.

To all the Men that Want to Fathers,

It is honorable to be a father.  It is a gift to us to create another life.  Shape it.  Mold it.  Build it up.  To be a father is to serve the creation you have made.  Although I have to work and fight with my kids, there is no greater joy when it all comes together and they succeed at life.  From baseball games to academics, it doesn’t matter.  It is joyous when the light comes on in our children and everything we have fought to teach them is applied and works.  God has give us the opportunity to feel what he feels for us.  Enjoy the journey my friends.

To all the selfish males that refuse to be Fathers,

You have fallen in a puddle of mud and are choosing to just lay there.  So, you have fathered a child and you (for whatever reason) have chosen to deny your gift.  Your responsibility.  Your honor.  Life is full of choices.  At some point, you have to choose to make right ones.  Being a father is an easy choice.  The trick is getting over your selfish wants and learning to serve others.  Over the years, I have learned to enjoy the journey that I’m on.  That means finding pleasure in the ups and the downs.  All of it is learning and growing and that is where I find pleasure.  I’m stronger and greater because of what I’ve experience and there is great joy and honor in conquering my faults.  So, you too must learn that manhood is not about what you can do sexually and satisfying yourself.  Being a man is about leading, growing and becoming more than you are now.  Again, the choice is yours.  Either stand up, clean yourself off and get on with it, or stay in the mud like a child.  Just know that men stand up at the end of the day.

To my Father.

You have provided me the greatest example any son could hope for.  I am proud to be your son.  Everyday, I think of you when I spend time with my sons.  I think about what you would say… what you would do…  I’ve learned to take what you have given me and try to do even more with my sons.  Wow.  What a journey this life has been.  Not a day goes by that I don’t hear your voice in my spirit.

To my Heavenly Father.

Thank you for the lessons you have provided to me.  I choose to walk in your image.

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