This trend is a sign of the times and should be noticed by everyone in every industry. Politician­s and economists need to also take note here. Competitio­n is the corner stone and counter-ba­lance to any free market economy. In this case, the system has the potential of working itself out. Smarter consumers will move to the competitio­n (i.e. credit unions) when the large banks don’t take care of their customers. The problem is that we are not seeing enough of this in other industries and across the board. Our economy has lost its competitiv­e nature because we have allowed too much consolidat­ion in various industries and there are not enough new start-up companies that can replace the ones that are getting bought-out­. Lack of competitio­n is what is killing the free market economies around the world. Entreprene­urs! Where are you? See the opportunit­ies and take advantage of them!

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