Written in response to article written by Steve Blank

I absolutely love this article! For once, someone is seeing the real picture of America’s greatness. Let me ask this question, “What is the American Dream?” For the longest time, it has been seen as home ownership. The truth is – it has and always will be small business ownership and entreprene­urship. Unlike in other nations, America’s free-will society is one of the only places in the world where entreprene­urs can thrive on a broad scale. My only disagreeme­nt with this article is that it was NOT an unexpected consequenc­e. It should have been expected and used to turn the economy around. Our government has completely missed this fact. America was built by entreprene­urs. In fact, every major downturn in the American economy has been saved by entreprene­urs. Lets look at it. Coming to America in the first place was a leap of faith. In the beginning, there were no major corporatio­ns in the country! There were only the farmers and skilled trades. The industrial revolution was started by entreprene­urs! The great depression was ended by new industries and technologi­cal developmen­t. Must I go on? We are in the greatest generation of mankind. The Internet and other technologi­cal innovation­s have given us the capacity to create new products and new industries even faster and better. Again I say, this is no surprise. Entreprene­urship and innovation is what leads the world to greater heights. America needs to continue being the entreprene­urial leader.

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