The debate over environmental concerns has been deeply politicized over the past few decades. Although the Government plays a large role in this debate, I have one big problem with political debate. The assertion that the government is hurting businesses by pushing alternative energy is misleading at best. The truth is that any good entrepreneur understands the very basic idea that where ever there is a problem, there is a solution. Environmental issues are creating demand for products and services and helping small businesses versus hurting them. This is what the American economy needs. Unfortunately, large corporate entities want to silence this debate because it hurts industries such as big oil. Ultimately, environmental technologies are good for the American economy. For the past 200 years, the American economy has experienced growth as a result of technological developments and the demand for these innovations. Today is no different. With that said, we cannot afford to let the voices of change to be silenced. We need new demand. We need more growth. Environmental efforts are just one way to accomplish this.

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