29 of 40 #DanielPlan. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.” Oh how true this statement really is! Most times when I hear people speak of the devil (including myself), it usually is in the context of some major sin. We think of evil in the terms of murder, rape, violence, vanity, selfishness, etc. But what about the small things? Are we only afraid of a home invasion? Or, are we also afraid to pick up the phone and call someone? Are we only afraid when danger is imminent? Or are we afraid of what it means to be unhappy? It amazing to me how the devil creeps into everything in our lives. I have so many things I need to face in my life. I need to confront issues. I need to call people. I need to work on hard projects. It is time to face the devil and call him out of the darkness. #deargod #garyisms

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